How to Remove Lines when Copying – Clean Slit Glass

In most cases when Copying through the ADF (automatic document feeder), also known as the Top Feeder, your Copies will look nice and clean.

Other times not so much…

And in most cases, the solution is simple and quick to resolve.

  1. The main reason why you’re getting these lines is that there is usually foreign matter, either ink, whiteout, pen marks or sticky tape on the Slit Glass.
Slit Glass

2. Open the ADF to expose the main pane of glass, Clean the Slit Glass with a soft cloth, then proceed with a test copy.

3. If the problem persists, add alcohol or glass cleaner to a cloth, reclean and test again.

4. For extremely stubborn and hard to see “spots”, align the piece of paper with the printed line with the Slit Glass to locate the stubborn spot. Clean and test again.

Stubborn Spot Alignment

Download our handy Print out of the above instructions. You can place this above the Machine or email out a copy to End Users.

Machine or email out a copy to End Users.

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