Printing On Labels

Generally, label printing is performed using the Bypass Feeder. Some clients, however, print labels regularly and wish to dedicate a paper cassette for this task.

Confirm that labels sheets are Laser Compatible and that no labels are missing.

Never use incomplete/Used Sheets

Please note that some brands of labels have only backing sheets for borders, that is, there is no top sheet around page board. This type of label has been tested unsuccessfully – we recommend not to use them.

Set Paper Type in print job to no lower than THICK 2. Depending upon label quality, this may need to be thick 3 or 4. These thick modes slow the paper feeding system down, avoiding buckling and peeling of labels from sheets.

  1. From your application choose Printing Preferences/ Options
  2. In your Print Driver choose Paper Source: Bypass Paper Type: Thick 2, Then OK. Your Print Job will now be sent to your device. This job will usually need to be released manually by following the on-screen instructions.
Printing On Labels

Printing a Lot of Labels?

Printing On Labels

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