Ricoh’s NEW IM Series

With the emerging technology, our businesses need to grow with them too. Our workplaces need to be ready for what is to come. Introducing Ricoh’s IM Series.

RICOH Intelligent Devices bring forth a new era of technology that keeps your workplace up to date with RICOH IM Series Multi Function Printers and Photocopiers. IM- C2000/ C2500 / C3000 / C3500 / C4500 / C6000 are the range of intelligent devices that are designed to grow and adapt, just as your business does. It just turns your device into a powerful hub that helps you manage information workflows efficiently, using technology that is scalable, secure, sustainable and simple. RICOH MFP’s and photocopiers provide smooth access to functionality upgrades and productivity enhancements without needing to change the factory installed hardware.

RICOH manufactured Multi Function Printers and Photocopiers have been introduced with these basic features that separate them from the herd


Ricoh's NEW IM Series

The IM series devices come with a technology that grows with you allowing you to add capabilities as your business grows and expands. There wouldn’t be any need to call in your technician since the devices update themselves at regular intervals automatically. The regular updates that are just a download away, keep up the productivity of the printers up to the mark. It is up to the user to keep adding new capabilities to the photocopiers as and when required. Moreover the productivity apps are free to use. Activation can be done over the cloud servers and the devices facilitate easy connection and integration to the cloud. The devices also come with an option to customise the device according to user requirements.

Ricoh's NEW IM Series

Security features

All Ricoh manufactured IM Series devices come preloaded with a RICOH only operating system. The RICOH only operating system helps provide control and insulation from OS-specific threats.  Ricoh devices have another feature to use digital signatures to judge firmware validity. Trusted platform Module validates the controller core programs and is designed to not boot up if the firmware has been compromised. Data Overwrite Security System maintains the temporary data and actively overwrites and thereby erases data each time a job is executed. The devices come with an Encryption Security feature. Your files are protected at rest and during transmission through encryption, secure transmission and various options for file controls. These features authenticate and prevent sensitive documents from being viewed, copied or sent by unauthorised users. RICOH’s security features and products help protect your electronic and hardcopy documents without hindering user-friendly processes and productivity. Ricoh’s Intelligent MFPs (IM) meet the IEEE 2600 requirements for security features used by devices that require a high level of document security


Ricoh's NEW IM Series

IM Series devices are designed both for productivity and the environment. The devices are manufactured keeping in mind the planet and reduce CO2 footprint while driving down costs. The devices have been enabled with document conversion, image capture, paperless file storage, digital collaboration and more, that reduce the use of paper. Energy savers are built in with advanced energy management features — such as Quick Start-Up and low Sleep Mode electricity consumption. RICOH focuses on materials reuse and recycling of consumables, parts and raw materials hence making these intelligent devices environment friendly as well. RICOH is meeting and advancing industry standards which can be recognized by the Blue Angel Mark certification that proves commitment toward a sustainable society and responsible, inclusive business practices.

Ricoh's NEW IM Series


These devices have been introduced with a Simple, clean, fast and modern user interface. The Smart Operation Panel is a touch screen that works like your phone or tablet. You can customize the touch panel to show commonly used functions that make it user friendly. The security features allow a root user to control what data each individual user can view and modify. RICOH has kept in mind the versatility and simplicity of its user interface and has implemented the same across multiple devices that offer ease of usability.

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